How do I make a Gravity Guy type game?

I am wondering how do i make it so when I press ^ It makes my character go upside down on the ceiling. I check Mhx Air’s reply to the post Gravity, with GAMEFREAK, but I did everything and it still doesnt work. I also want it so when you click the up button, you flip not when you collide with an object. Thanks! My game is:

try turning off the gravity in your game, and just add a motor behavior to your player, something like:

[always]->[Number]->[Motor (y)]

To switch between up and down, you can switch between a positive and negative number.

Add a Flip behavior to your sprite to make your player flip upside-down.


@grazer One more thing. How do I make the player go up faster? And, how do I make him be able to come back down?

here you go, take a look at this quick example:

use the spacebar to reverse gravity