How do I make a moving platform?

I want the platform to move left, then when it hits a wall it changes direction and another version that moves up and when it hits a wall it moves down. How do I make both of these things? I have before, but when the player stands on one it moves down a little bit and the player slips off.

Help > Helpful examples> Moving platform

I’m not sure how the one in the help section works, but I made one for industrial jungle that uses raycast so it doesn’t crush the player or clip through the ground. If the help section one isn’t what you’re looking for, go check out mine.

@Latif3 @Mhx Ar thanks for the help.

I used the “Position Tool” and move the platforms without them being “movable” this way your platforms won’t get dragged down by the player =3
(Timer,key,Ect.)-> (number(how many pixels) -> (position/+x or +y (by pixel)

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Possibly a different solution. There’s always different ways to do the same thing, some are better, some are faster, some are easier.