How do I make a Player model bigger?

I’m trying to make a snake-ish game. Its like to google snake game and I haven’t yet to figure out how to grow and make the player bigger.

Make the snake emit a section behind him, and have that section following the first one.

Also maybe make it emit partials that don’t move and disappear after a couple seconds to make it look like it’s getting bigger, and when collecting food or whatever it the amount by:
First: assuming the snake bits fade away -10% every millisecond
Then when ever you eat grow stuff there is a number that decreases the -10% to -9% there for taking longer to dissipate which will give the illusion the snake is growing
Problem: snake will eventually stop growing

You could use 2 objects: player/head and the body.
always emit the body from the head with a timer that will delete it.
This will give off a trail set to a timer and You can run into your own body.
The only problem is setting a timer that can be added to it.

You would have to use allot of Filters, timers and switches.
OR (just figured out)
You could use the repeater method to repeat a timer instead and
having control of how many times the timer repeats;
deleting the body later and having a longer trail.

using a save for what the length is would also help tell how many times to repeat the repeater to repeat the timer to destroy the body.