How do i make a shop a fighting skill shop this is the game for it im trying to make a fighting skill shop but i dont know how please help me if you can

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what do you mean by ‘fighting skill shop’?

skill learning skills

@star4m give more detail bro.

he means like those Cuphead shops where you buy a potion and the player learns a skill, then they could use it in battles

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just have a switch that connects the button input (e, q, spacebar, etc) to the skill and turn it on when the player buys a skill

… well @Blackhole_1001 yea something like that but @MrMcMemerMan can you give me a example plzz

its not working its not buying

you have to collect the coin first, then click the thing you want to buy
then you can press spacebar to fire a projectile

ok i updated it to work better

oh ok let me see about that

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