How do i make a specific walking animation play?

I’m trying to give the player two walking animations. One where he walks normal and one that only plays if the player has pressed F (for the flashlight walking animation) but the regular one always overrides the flashlight one. Does anyone know a fix? I assume it has to do with the priorities but I have no clue how those work

Priorities are used to say which animation is more important to play basically. So if the walking with flashlight is set to 1, and normal walking is set to 0, the flashlight walking will override the normal animation.

Thanks man! I managed to get it working with the priorities (normal 0 and flashlight 1 like you said) and connecting the “F” key to a switch (on port), the walking inputs to the switch input and finally the switch output to the flashlight walking animation. Also added the “G” key to turn the switch and animations off and the regular idle on.

i dont know if you are aloud to help me make it so i can pick up the key