how do i make a top score in the title screen in my game?

if you guy know how. that’d be great. :slight_smile:

you mean like a score board? Kill/eat something to get a point?

close its a thing in super mario when mario gains a paint and dies the title screen shows the score. thats a top score

set the score to a Save and load it on the title screen
you can use a filter in a way to make sure the score isn’t lower than before.

how do i also load the score to the title screen?

You should just make another save and name it the exactly the same and load from it. The score will be saved to the name you saved it to.

Just be careful to not save and load to the same thing at the same time, it creates a loop and could crash it. You would then have to reload the browser in editor mode.

i need a screenshot, so i know where to put the save behaviors

@Mariofan2840, its been like a year lol
Could you send an link to your game and I’ll get that screenshot for ya


Here you go, just use a once instead of a mailbox.

thanks, man. i got the top score working