How Do I Make A Video!

How On Earth Do I Make A VIDEO!!!

Help ME!!!

I have currently been in production of one myself (until it glitched) and basically, covert the video to two files, MP3 and PNG on ZigZag, input your MP3 video into the object that will also be the video, and upload specifically every PNG image onto the animations. Because you can’t make animation go on forever, create several animations. Go to your behaviors and play each one according to what scene it should be and that’s it. I would offer you a example, but unfortunately, as I stated above, my video glitched and now I have to remake the animations ALL OVER AGAIN… Did this answer your question?

I don’t understand how this if flowlab related?

What @“Cap. Red Crab” explained is converting a video to an animation in flowlab. But he asked to make a video.

Well, I will explain how to do it. Get your phone and open your camera. Now click the record button and when you’re done click stop. Congratulations, you’ve created a video!

I mean how do you put a video on the game im making

You can only make frame by frame animations. A video has many frames and it would be a pain to split all frames and then upload it one by one.

You could upload the video somewhere like on youtube and then use the link behavior block to go to the video.

I do not understand a thing anyone is saying

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how do i put a video on my game

Can you please stop?

You cannot put a video in your game. You can make it seem like you did but you cannot upload the video the Flowlab. Does that answer your question?

@XDirtyYT Usually I wouldn’t help out people who are being obnoxious and can’t understand simple instructions, but here’s a little example, you could also add sound with the sound behavior. If you still don’t understand, then there’s nothing we can do.