How do i make an enemy move left and right?

ive seen the previous post about moving enemies, although i cant seem to get mine to work. Could anybody help me out, if so that would be fantastic.
Thank you.

did you set it as “moveable”? the check box just above
[] enable collisions
] object is solid
if so

awesome that’s the link to my question!

Well, people tend to ask the same questions a lot, so linking saves us time typing, and copy/paste causes clutter. At some point there should be a “tutorials” button that has every game grazer has made to explain how to do something. Until then, vanilla forums is always open for questions.

But what if I want it to start going to the left? It always starts right/forward

Change its settings to forward being left, its when u click the character that that fix can be found, don’t when you go to the programming