How do I make an enemy?

I need an enemy that can move by itself …that if i touch it i lose

collition any (left and right) ---- flip

always___number (3) _____Velocity (forward

jngthree, i did that but nothing happens when i touch it… see?

you have to add collision with enemy equals destroy in the characters settings

I have collission on it …


no you don’t i just checked


I’m so confused… can you please do it for me?

we cant. only grazer can

make sure that this enemy has moveable on

do collision with emery equals destroy

What do you mean only grazer can?


only administrators can edit games, otherwise. people would ruin other peoples games and it would be CHAOS

Alexandra I have a demonstration right here: The only problem is that the pink slime doesn’t face the right way. I’m not so sure on how to fix that though

Umm I’ll check it out FireBladeBRO…and jngthree I thought about that … I didn’t think that they though about it too…

Thank you FireBladeBRO but how do I make it like you know when I touch it I lose…

Well you need to add on the characters behaviors “collision” and set it to the enemy. Then you need to hook the out put to a “pause” and an “alert” The alert can say something like “You lose!” and then hook the output from the alerter to a restart. Hopefully that helps

Look at my game. The bad guys have 3 lives! P.S.: It’s for a project, that’s why it’s about picking up garbage and stuff.