im making a super-smash-bros-like game, and i want to add some guns. here is my game. how do i do it.

Set the emitter to the bullet,
the bullet needs to be movable and not affected by gravity.

i knnow that part. im trying to make collectaable guns, where u run into them and get the gun. i tryed using the attatcher but that wont work. do u have any other suggestions?

The attacher spawns a new one and connects it to the center of the player. You could use the flip function on the gun to turn and shoot the other direction.
Another way is to make a Sprite in the animation editor of the character with the gun and load the animation when collision of the gun. Shoot mechanic would have to be in the character.

thx soooooo much!

I like to use a switch, or, if you’re doing upgrading guns/weapons like in Terraria, a toggle switch.