How do I make handmade mobile controls? (In the free version)

Hi. I need help with mobile controls. Right now, in my game, in the UI, there are 3 elements that control the player: left, right and jump. The jump button is fine, so no problem there. But left and right are not working. I click them (the way that I use for testing tap-only elements) ; fine, but when I hold the button… It doesn’t work. It stops. I tried myself, but I failed every. Single. Time. I need help. Please. (also there is no better place to put this in so…)

Hmm… I am not very familiar with mobile, but if I had to guess…

Can you screenshot the code for the button? I want to see how it is triggered.

(Also there is this bug to where you click 2 buttons, but the one pressed more recently works.)

Can you post a link to the game?

You could use messages but if your looking to hold down on or between the buttons, you could make a system that detects whats being pressed. Using switches, gates, and possibly a binary system could be used depending on your goals.

Well, first, I am a beginner. I can link you to the game, but I just wanna know how to do it. Here is the link: Second, yes, I use messages for it! It’s an easy way to do it. Yeah. I’m updating the visuals of the game, too. By the way, I am still working on it. Thanks for the help.