How do I make it so that when the player gets a code correct and presses a button it leads you to a secret level? (solved)

hope the title makes sense.

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I honestly don’t know since I haven’t been in the editor after the last couple updates, but I believe you’d do something like using filters to test for the right answer.
Also, I did a gigantic secret mission throughout all of my games. It’s easy to cheat and go to the level you want, so I suggest making it open a link to a new game that plays the same but is unlisted. Or you could test if the player is connected to multiplayer.

Its just that with the new text behaviors that is not possible since you can’t attach any text related behaviors to other behaviors

The new text behaviors act like a number for the label behavior. So they won’t work well with other behaviors, but you can plug them into the value of the label and it works really well. Kind of a thing i remember them by, lol.

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I did that but I’m kind of asking about the text compare behavior to check if the passcode is correct

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Hmm, you might have to speak with Jr_01 with that since i’m sure he knows a lot more about it than me.

I think you could have it so if the player types in the correct letters/numbers then it turns a switch on and have the button click connected to that switch, and to do the code typing, you could hook a “keyboard” “any” up to a text and select + but i dont know if that works

I figured it out! all you have to do is use a text length and it kind of works as a converter from text to any other block. (even though it’s not supposed to)

that could work but this worked perfectly for me

This is the stradegy i used:

I removed the button