How do i make it when i complete the game it restarts the coins

so i have 5 levels the first one is the character selection and the 3 levels are the game and the 5th one is when you finsh the game it will show you a alert button so when you press it it will restart the then when select a character the coins will show.

use my game as an example it will help me.
my game:

You know how you reset the coins when the player dies? You can do the same thing when you finish the game

So the coins are in a Global, you can set that Global to 0. If you do that it will reset the coins.

in the health or coins logic

This is in the Health Logic

i need to put the filter right

and also its like i can use the coins that i had from when i finsh the game its only from the label that shows it

and also when i get a coin from the level1 all the coins become reusable

The filter isn’t needed, anything can activate the Number block

but it still doesnt work

You need to set the global

i did the same as you and i forgot to put the global to coin bruh i cant see properly lol

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but thanks for your help bro

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