How do I make my character fly?

I’m using tails from sonic (don’t mind the username) and I want him to fly in all directions but I can’t figure out how to make him fly. Game Link: (don’t mind that I just started using flowlab and it’s my first game)

My advice would be to make the character not affect by gravity and use an always to a y motor.
This way you can have the option to turn off gravity for the character.


ok, lemme try that. Is there a way to make it so I press a button and he flys and I can make him go up or dow withou skyrocketing? He flew off screen, lol. How are you supposed to turn on gravity?

You turn off gravity next to the Move, Solid, and rotation.
That image is how you make your own gravity for the character and you can turn it on and off with the switch. After Gravity is off, its probably better to use Velocity to control the character.

mk how do you turn off the gravity with a button and make it be on so you can choose when you want to fly? (that’s what I had originally meant)

When you want to fly, turn the switch off.

The switch needs to be on by default…

when I jump, I go up off screen so how do you fix that? sorry for having so many questions, i’m new-ish to flowlab.

The Jump works normal to me, is it fixed?

If you are new to Flowlab I would highly recommend that you check out how things are done in existing games. Pick one that does what you try to achieve and study the code.
Not to forget all the tutorials that are around :slight_smile:

There weren’t any for flying. It’s not fixed sadly… You know any link with games and flying that you can control when the gravity is on and off?

@Tailsthefox#1 Maybe try the “Help” section of flowlab. Also check out @“JR 01” account on flowlab, because he actually has loads of tutorials that can help people like you do thing we thought impossible on here.


@Tailsthefox#1 i know a thing on to i can help you with some other stuff

also for jumping raise density in properties

how much?

wow man i’m also using Tails To recreate sonic 2