how do I make my enemies subtract healt from my health bar.

im making a game i want it to subtract health from my player but it is not

There is a search bar in the top right of the forum, above the Start a New Discussion. /Paste
So what you want is when you jump on him, it subtracts 25 from the 100 health bar.
collision player top — (in) number -25 — (+) number 100 — bar (set at 100)
Then you want a filter here ______________________________^ Less than 1 — destroy.

That would be for enemies, for hero, just make it collision into enemy. Same concept.

thanks i will try that.

sorry you would have to show me a picture of what you would have to do.

How do i post photos???

i dont know but i have seen other people do it.

Click the little photo icon to the left of the comment box when you add a comment :slight_smile: