How do I make my tank shoot projectiles

I’m trying to make a tank game but im unsure how to make them shoot

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Use the emit behavior block.

Example: Emit → Keyboard(Key “E”) → connect the two behaviors → Emit: click on the behavior block and click the scroll down thing and click the object being emitted, in this case "bullet. → test

EDIT: You can also send me a link and I’ll screen shot it
and welcome to the forums also!

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Or, if you wanna do things the harder way (as I tend to do in most of my games, cus I’m dumb) you could SPAWN the projectile a few pixels away and then set the velocity and angle from there. (btw, don’t really do this, do what 8-bit said. 8-bit is much more smarterer than I am). Also, welcome to the forums!


I’ve had to spawn bullets before and they target where the mouse is at the second they spawn. It does work, but its not the best way.

Emitting an object such as an easy way for projectiles is simple and effective, but I’ve seen where you can make projectiles using the spawn command and upon spawning they change their angle to where the mouse it at, plus you can make the bullet have a set speed instead of just shooting across your screen with no sense of animation.