How do i make myself take damage

i have the health bar and everything else and i have got some spikes to kill me except when i touch the spikes no health goes down and so i put on the behaviors dangerous for the spikes but they just kill me instantly so then i changed the collision but nothing works

please help me

can someone help me

Yah, just give me a link, ill help u

@inherentpear a link to your game.

Here an example imagem:


More doughts see that:

My Website cans help you

@afropixel hey that is way over complicated dude, I have a simpler way.

@Afro Pixel

umm how do you give someone the link to your game

Just copy The link on My games menu…


@Tommy_2_14 i think this is The better way withou bugs

Afro pixel ?



Yes @inherentpear

Whats up?

When I used your picture the game crashes when ever the character gets hit. D=