How do I make quests?

How do I make a quest where you have to kill a large group of bad guys

If you kill a bad guy you do +1 in a number behavior. Then a filter, equal to [how many guys you have to kill]. And then ‘next level’ behavior or something you want. Like an pop-up that says: You have completed the quest! (So I mean the alert behavior)


No problem :smile:

If you want, you can also look at what I did for C - 17 Legendary Edition, i put a quests hud in the game(Yes, i realize i spelled it wrong). You could also look that up.

… And i thought the hyper survival 3D would top that off…

i mean its FREAKIN 3D

Yeah, but 3d games aren’t everything, you know

Look at Terraria, for example.

I HAVE terraria

My game is a 3D platformer with god knows how many bugs- Sheesh gamemaker