How do I make task work?

so when I touch the white cat, they display a message and send a message to task icon, then that task will show up under the task icon when task is clicked, and then go away when completed
Task: kill slime thing in the corner
I have been trying to make this work, and it’s been 2 days. So lol, just wanna ask how to do this


Two things:

#1, your messages aren’t sending to anything, and second, the slime doesn’t have any behaviors.

BUT, if that’s on purpose, there is a fairly simple enemy tracking system that I imagine you could use. The only problem is, it appears that the slime is behind a wall. Building a system that can track around walls is VERY difficult. But, if you want the basic system, I can send it your way.

@browngr May I see the basic system,

I had to keep deleting things from the slimes behavior since nothing was working. I can move him from the wall too to make things simple

Screenshot 2020-03-25 at 10.00.10 AM

@browngr thx,
i’m assuming this would be used for the slime?

Oh! I forgot to specify! No, that would be used for the object tracking the slime. It calculates the coordinates of each, subtracts them, and uses that in an algorithm to come closer. (=