How do I make text pop up?

Oh wow that does seem simple. I’ll try that! Thank you very much for your reply!

You can use the label block and have it start with a 0 in the alpha, then at the point you want it visible send 100 into the alpha. To make it invisible again just add a timer block that sends another 0 into the alpha.


Thank you for your answer! Probably a silly question, but how do I make it start with a 0? I tried just making a number with 0 and putting the out into alpha, but what do I need to put into the number? : )

You will have to put a trigger that inputs into the in of the number behavior.

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you need a once block to send into the number 0, then into the alpha on the label block.

check out the “Foreground” item in my game “Running for President”



Thank you both for the help! It was just what I needed. :smile:

(And that’s a really cool game Bmarzi !!)

Thanks, good luck in your gaming.

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Can you send me a step by step on how to do it with a click on the object

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Do you want it to appear when you click on the object?

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yes when i click on the object but at the start it always starts it at 0

Show me your code. Also, other people, chill out. It’s related to the topic.

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Screenshot 2021-04-28 2.31.56 PM

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Click on the MouseClick. Click on the button that says, “detect clicks anywhere”

se This is the problem at the start it sets it to one

You have the lines (whatever they are) connected to the Numbers “Set” input. Which the Set is for making other numbers change the number.
For example if you have a 3 Number plugged into the set of a 10 Number, it will set the 10 number to 3.

You want to plug the lines into the “Get” input to retrieve the number and pass it forward into the label.

Edit: Which explains why the Once is turning the number to a 1, cause it doesn’t know what to extract so 1 is the default number.

Thank you I was really confused

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