How do i make the charecter level up to get new pickaxe

so i want the game to allow the player to get a new pickaxe when they level up can you help


Hey there, just a disclaimer: you’ll need a level system for this;
Best possible solutions:

  1. Animations for each variant of the upgraded pickaxe
    A) Increase number values each time the animation changes
    B) Put them into a save value that is read every time the game is loaded.
  2. Create new objects
    A) More complex, but better if you’d like the pickaxes to have different abilities.
    B) Repeat steps in one pickaxe but replace values.
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1.can you give me a picture to show what your talking about do i like put what level the player is on and get the player to level up you know how to sae the full game so when you come back on the game it saves everything

  1. No, I don’t have time, sorry.
  2. Just store the value in a text, and set a global as the player’s level. The global could also be stored in a save if you’d like.
  3. To do this you must substitute all main things with single digit values (the best way to do it, at least), then it can read the saves when the game runs to filter what happens and what doesn’t happen.

If you’re having trouble understanding a behavior, hover your mouse over the behavior and click the question mark, watch the video.


thx for the help @DinoDev just have a good day and ill try and figer it out