How do i make the screen scroll?

How can I get the screen to scroll when I go out of it?


The second video on this page demonstrates:

Put a scroll cam on your main player

my internet is so slow it cant play videos so could you please explain or take a screenshot of the “script layout”

Script Layout? You mean the Flowlab engine?

what do i put the coding on

Here’s what you do to make your screen scroll. (in picture form for Death Co.)

Add this to your character if you want the screen to scroll as the character moves off screen.

Adding Parallax makes any images in the background move at a different speed than the foreground, so it looks like it really is in the background.

You can change the X and Y values to fit your game width and height, or, you can do what I do and just make it really big so no matter which level size you use it will always just continue scrolling 'till you hit the border that you make.

Hope this helped!