How do i make the weapon/player flip when facing backwards

i had a bit of system for this in a stitch in time, but it was really buggy so I’m wondering what the best way to have the weapon and/or player flip based on the angle of the weapon.

I’ve tried extracting rotation and using filters but it doesn’t work very well

Maybe we could use a separate object for the mouse that the arms are always pointing at?

i don’t know if that would be any different

Maybe with that separate object the arms will extract it similar to how you use follow, but remove the velocity trigger

@JR01 @TinkerSmith @PixelPizza

sorry but i couldn’t find this anywhere else on the forums

Is it for Stitch in time, or something else you are working on? If so, link please :slight_smile:

@TinkerSmith it’s for the decimation of mankind. I’m working on it with @ramshacklegamestudios

though i would probably put it in a stitch in time better too if I knew how to do it

warning: this game has some gore in it

I would flip both and re-position the sword object on the player.
A position bundle for right and for the left.

I’ll take a look at it when I get back.

Hiya @F3Art

Wasteland level, the ‘arm’ object? Having a hard time to look at it, crashes my PC, but a simple one you could try is this:

Similar to what I did in my Auto Target example here:

yah sorry @TinkerSmith the game has a lot fo stuff to load, we plan on fixing that. I’ll try out that example though

also that was just the sprite for a new weapon, actual one is just in the library “arms”

nevermind fixed it I was going to say it wasn’t working

it’s perfect

\o/ it’s perfect!

I made the player flip when the arms are facing left/right!

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