How do I move the enemy towards me?

So i know how to make the enemy move on its own but i want it to follow me from the right to the left.

Also When the enemy tries to moves it moves like an inch and then wont go any further.

Post a link to your game if you want help with specific game problems, there could be lots of reasons why your enemy isn;t moving as far as you would like.

Here are some examples of ways to have an enemy chase the player:

compare positions:
using PointAt to change directions:

It looks like maybe the enemy collision shape is a rectangle, and the corner of its shape is getting caught on the ground block corners. If you change the enemy collision shape to “circle”, it will eliminate that issue.


Also how can i make him die?

collision----nextlevel(restart level)

i’m having the same problem where the enemy gets caught on the corners of the ground, except that if i change the enemies shape it’ll go WAY too fast. any help?

Change the shape then change the velocity speed

grazer, for the second example game you gave in your first post, how do I turn rotation off for the enemy chasing the player?