How do I pay for membership?

I wonder if I have to be a certain age for it, or do I have to have a paypal or a credit card (Which i do NOT have.)?

You can use a credit card, or Paypal

I am not old enough for paypal, and how do I get a credit card? Do I have to be 18? cause Im only 12.

You have a couple of options W-man:

  1. Ask your mom or dad to pay for you

  2. If you have an appropriate class at school (science, technology, or game design), you can see if your teacher is familiar with Flowlab. If a teacher signs up, then all of their students get the full version.

  1. My parents won’t say yes, but maybe I could give them the money, and I basicly pay.

  2. I am homeschool. I didn’t know if they had game design in school. I have always wanted to make games. Especially online multiplayer games…

Here’s a 3rd option. Go to like a Winn-Dixie or Walmart or whatever and ask for a Greendot card. A greendot is a Visa debit card that you register on it’s website, and you can fill it with money an almost any store for $5

Cool… I think. Seems difficult. Any other ways? Like, if I earn money from getting payed on my website, would I be able to use it without a Paypal account?