How do i post my game to gamejolt??

Is it possible to post a game from flowlab to game jolt??

Hey and welcome to Flowlab!
Yes, it’s possible :slight_smile:
In Flowlab you can share your game in multiple ways.

Using the link, by clicking on the “Copy Share URL” button or by copying the link directly from your browser.

You can also use the embed version of your game, by clicking on the “Copy Embed Code” button.

And, if you already have upgraded your account, you can export your game for PC, Mac, iOS or Android.


If you haven’t updated your account yet and want to export your game, you can do that here:

hey pixlepizza i know how to export it but when i export it it has multible files in one folder and if you upload the .exe file it won,t let you play becuase you need all the assets and stuff

Hi, you have to upload the .zip you downloaded! :smiley:

i did