How do i put blocks in different places when a button is pressed

I want to rotate the landscape using a button but i’m dumb and don’t know how to do that

wdym by rotate the landscape?

this won’t create anything above 2 dimensions but just use some sine and cosine to calculate what position from the current one rotated around the player or center with a certain angle converted to a radian

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Maybe they mean tilt the camera?? I don’t think that there is a way to do that though.

i want to make it so when you press button the button make blocks go move to change the landscape so random people who are fooled by me putting a w axis halloween costume on the z axis go “wow wow wow wow wow wow” and i am dumb so i cannot understand sine & cosine and everything you said past that :+1:

no but that would be a pretty cool game mechanic i might steal your idea

… Could you use better grammar pls…

I think you are just saying a button that moves different blocks??

1.) grammar cannot be better
2.) button automatically move blocks to different positions because haha funny z axis disguised as w axis go move move

you seem like you have no idea how to do what you want to do, you should probably try improving at programming because this seems like a project too ambitious for you


what the heck is a z axis and a w axis

Z axis for 3d???

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it is too ambitious but i’m not gonna give up on the project temporarily or permanently. i make polls which ask the flowlab people what they want in the game and/or how they want me to make it,i code it by myself if i can but if i can’t i’ll ask for help,“borrow” code and yay i’ve done it i’ve made the funny feature

so basically spacial dimensions have multiple axis and our 3 dimensonal world has the x (left & right),y (up & down) and z (forwards and backwards) axis. If we go up a dimension,we get the w axis. We can’t actually imagine or see this axis.

A 2D being cannot imagine the z axis. They only have left,right,up & down. So,when they’re put into a 3D world they only see slices of it. The game 4D Miner has a really good example of this in it’s tutorial & the minecraft map “Hypercube” also has a good example. Let’s say we were put into a 4D world. Similarly,we can only see slices of the 4th dimension. These slices aren’t the world rotating,but you travelling along the W axis.

So do you want the Witch in the Woods effect?

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sure i guess. I assume you’re thinking of keys on the keyboard I wasn’t really thinking about using a keyboard button i was thinking of an in-game button but it can work for now

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I mean, how it’s activated doesn’t really matter. I don’t know enough about the specific equations needed to create this effect, so you’d need to ask JR more about it. Like galactian said, it’s basically an oval orbit moving around a slightly raised center point.
However, I could be thinking about what you want wrong. Maybe sprite stacking is just what you’re trying to achieve

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give me the code and i’ll put it in

This is for sprite stacking, it’s an example from the Examples Page. (I’d recommend using the code from the object in that game, because I think JR is the only one who updated his example to use some of the new features)


sprite stacking isn’t exactly what i’m looking for but i guess it could work with some sprites in the game

witch in the woods uses sprite stacking though

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srsly why are you getting into the 4d
all these people who make “7d” games are kinda crazy

Unless what ur talking abt is time, then I really have no idea what you are talking abt.

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I am the only one who makes 7D games. I am the most crazy