how do i set the x and y in the spawn

like i want a character to spawn on top of a tile that says 0/8 and i dont know how help me out please.

The X and Y inputs of the spawner is set to pixels instead of grid.
The grid systems works as (0,0) is the top left corner of the screen and every block is 32 pixels.
Using math for location is would be down 8 blocks would be 32 x 8 = 288, but you want to be in the center (16 pixels) of the 8th block so 288 - 16 = 272. This will be your Y.
0 would be easier but again, you want to be in the center of the block, so 0 + 16 = 16 and now you have your X.
This could either be in the Spawn settings OR through the inputs.
So the location you would set in the spawner is X = 16 and Y = 272 and THEN spawn the character.

thanks a lot for the help. ill try my best to make my game work better. with this