How do i shoot both directions?

So when I look left and shoot my gun the bullets just get trapped behind me. and then I jump then they go right. How can I make the bullet shoot both ways?
Game Link:

Click emit behavior and you’ll see there is a match direction or rotation idk click it and it will work

I cant see the problem now because im on telephone if that button isnt worked increase emit force

Is it on like this:
player: forward=right
emit: match rotation, emit force has force 1 to 20
and the emitted object has to be movable

If you want him to shoot two ways at the same time, repeat the step shown above, except that the second one should have the same amount of emit force of the first one in negative form
but if that doesn’t work, or you already did that, idk how to help, sry :stuck_out_tongue: