How do I show a label for every spawned object

So I found out that if you spawn 10 objects with a label it only displays 1 label
I had a once to extract the pos and then I would set it to that pos but since they are all sharing that one label it doesn’t quite work
is there a way to set 1 label for every spawned object without hardcoding it or creating more objects
(the example was 10 but I really need 45x2)
Any Ideas?
or am I stuck with hardcoding?


I’m not sure how to do this, @JR01 might know. In my game Life Cycle, I had something like what you’re doing I think, but I used a different label for each thing.

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Clones share labels, removing a clone breaks the label. There is no current way to for clones to javelin their own labels from each other.

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Or you could attach an object that has text as its sprite/animation


hmmm I’ll try this thx!

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soo how do I set 1 sprite animation to 1 parent (they are both spawned at start)

I’m not sure I understand your question; could you rephrase it and be more specific?

nvm I got it working! thank you!

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