How do I stop music?!

Hi! I want background music to play at the start of my game, but to stop if the sprite falls on a spike and ‘dies’ and also to stop on the ‘YOU WIN’ screen! At the moment the music I have triggered on the start screen just plays forever! Can anyone help please? Also, is it possible to have background music AND sound effects? Thanks :slight_smile:

Refresh. That’s a glitch, but once the page is refreshed it should work fine

Well, I can’t answer your 1st question but you can have music and sound effects at the same time. just have the stage music playing and say when you hit an enemy have collision and sound effect linked together. So if you have your music playing the sound effect should work just fine. =)

@Cookiemunga247 This is almost a year old. This person hasn’t been online since January. You shouldn’t comment on anything older than 4 months unless it’s important.