How do I tell what object is on the same spot as another object?

How do I tell what object an object is overlapping (with behaviors)?

Click on an object, click edit and where it says “Order Layers” or something like that you can edit it.

(Bigger numbers are in front of layers with smaller numbers)

How can I do this with behaviors?

You don’t, click on the object you want to edit, click edit. Then, find “display order”, a higher order will put an object over another object with a lower display order.

I think he wants to see when an object is on top of it, not how to put them in front of each other.
Is this right m33?

Yes. But also what specific object (whether the object is dirt or water in the case of my game)

If that’s the case, I recommend to use Raycast behaviors to see when your own those blocks.
Set different Raycasts to different blocks so it can see if its on it or not