How do I transport my mobile iOS game to my phone.

Okay so I need some help. I have tried everything I can think of, please someone point me in the right directions. I can’t get the app to load as an app properly on my 6S Apple Iphone. Please tell me how to get a game onto my phone. I don’t want my work to go to waste!!! If you need more information on my problem, please comment. If you know how to fix it, tell me!!! Thanks.

IOS games have to be through an apple developers account I believe,
Android can just run the apk file.

Thanks for the help

Hey @GrimstoneInc - have you exported it as an iOS app already? Are you having trouble with creating the app, or just installing once it’s created?

I have not yet made a apple developers account. Is there a way not to put it out to the app store? Like a download link for phone.

@GrimstoneInc - you can for Android devices. This is called “sideloading”. You cannot distribute iOS apps this way however, the phone will refuse to install it unless the app is signed by apple.