How do i use switch

in the game im making i have a health bar that uses animations to lower health and i want it to where when a damage animation plays it can no longer play that animation again, someone help.

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I just made an HP bar using an object. Here’s my code for the player:

These are just the collisions.

This is the code in the bar.

If you need any more help, tag me.

no mine is different Flowlab Game Creator - New Game cause when you get hit by something it sends a message to the health bar to play an animation but when you get hit by that same object after getting hit by something else the HP bar heals you. I need it to where once that specific animation plays it no longer can be played again. press p then L then p again

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Yeah. My HP bar works like this:

If you get hit, 1 HP is subtracted from the original 10. It is shown using an animation.

If you have 8- HP, then you can heal by killing enemies.

Ooh. I see how you’re doing this.

Instead of making multiple animations, just use one. You can use the Go To input in the animation behavior to select a frame to stay on.

no i am using multiple animations

connect the output of the Switch into the Off input. Then the switch will only play the animation once and never do it again. Make sure that the switch is turned on initially.

Flowlab Game Creator - New Game it didnt work press p then l then p

What object is spawning the bones?

Nvm, I found it. Do this

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i just put the switch inbetween the mailbox and the animation

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