How do you change music between levels?

If you know how please step by step or something if you can. Thankyou

Here’s a short explanation. You need n amount of objects. So five levels, five object types. So have them respectively called music one, music two, music three, music 4, and music 5.

Now each one will be like this


Each type’s sound will be different
Make sure you have as many links as you do levels!

Ok, Thanks. Also my music won’t work. Is there a reason? I am using my downloads and it includes mp3

…Because it used to work, but i deleted it. And when I try to get it back it does not play

Hey guys… I tried this and it’s not working. Sound- Once. It’s not working because in level 2 both of the music is playing, and it DOESN’T sound good…

To, Browngr,
“… It’s not working because in level 2 both of the music is playing…”
Make sure that the object that is playing, “Level One Music”, is not in level two. If you need to conserve objects, when you load the next level, send a message to the music player to stop playing the level one music and to play level two music. It should work. If you need information on converting Mp3 to URL, click these discussion link.

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