How do you create a radiation system like the Fallout 4 Version?

In Fallout 4, when you encounter radiation, it lists how much you are enduring, and translates that over to your health. A red bar comes in from the right side of the health bar, and the longer you are exposed to radiation, the more that red bar goes to the left. You can die from radiation if you let yourself encounter too much without treatment. That’s the basic of what I need. I can handle all the other stuff.

Use proximity and the health bars?

It’s not that simple, @gamerztrio, and you know it. So much for having played Fallout 4. That’s closer to the previous installments.

How about, not solid, enable collisions and the health bar?

Nope. It would require a second health bar, reversed. It would fill right to left, and if it was at a point where it and the main health bar collide, then it would subtract that progress of the red from the green. Once the red is full, then it would kill the player. The farther along the red becomes, the more intense the affects of radiation poisoning get.
That’s what I need. Far more complicated than the OG concept seems


Oh! I know! Use sprite health bars!
Healthbars that are sprites!

Hmm… I think that could work…


Did it work?

Sort of. It still has its kinks, but it’s at least working. Thanks!