How do you feel about the following features?

I have been thinking about two potential features, and I’m curious to hear what people here think.

Social media sharing

Is anyone here interested in sharing their games on social media? A long time ago we had Twitter & Facebook buttons on each game, but those got removed because no one really used them. I’m just curious if things have changed, and people would like to share screenshots or game links on Twitter/Snap/whatever.

The question is: Does anyone care about social media game sharing, and if you do - which ones would you want? Snapchat? Instagram? MySpace?

Mobile app arcade

If there was a Flowlab Arcade app on the app stores that could browse and play Flowlab games, would anyone be interested in developing their games for it? Many games would not qualify, since they would have to work on mobile (i.e., keyboard-only controls don’t work on touch screens).

The question is: Is this an exciting prospect for anyone, or maybe just a nice-to-have feature?

Please let me know what you think.


My opinion…

Social media sharing is a great idea. Although I don’t ever use social media much other than flowlab and discord. But this could help expand flowlab.

Also for a flowlab app on the App Store would be a great idea. Although would the games in there have to be mobile compatible or just an app for more finished and completed games?

Nvm, you said they had to be mobile, lol.


I’m not much for social media sharing, especially since we have a link we can share and the fact we can put our games on other sites or even download them. BUT out of this, I think a simple screenshot button to save to our downloads folder would be nice.
Other than that, I dont see the use in with what we can already do with Flowlab.

Mobile app Arcade to me sounds like a great idea, but I think we need to be able to submit the games as well as they need to qualify to the set-up with for the app. Additionally I think there needs to be a few more setups with the app, Maybe like reporting, following users, etc.


I would not be really interested in sharing my games for social media

But a mobile app arcade would be sooo awesome it wouldn’t allow free users to get their games on a mobile device and if you add ads in like when you load a new game it could turn some profit for flowlab. It would also allow flowlab to be more easly discovered if you were to add a link where they could access the site


I don’t really ever use many social media sites and I don’t think I personally would use this feature, though making a screenshot feature would be useful, it can get annoying to have to take a screenshot of your computer than having to crop everything out.

As for the Mobile Arcade, I love this idea! I think having it would encourage more mobile games to be made with, and I agree with @JR01, having features like reporting and following is a good way for encouraging more games and learning what games should be uploaded and exported.


Both are incredibly awesome features and I would love to see them. I personally think the social media buttons should be YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.


Maybe have flowlab arcade, pc version and mobile version?
(like the appstore for apple)

Both ideas are great!


For Social Media Sharing, we could already post links or video about our game, so I don’t see how useful it is.
As for a Flowlab Arcade App, I think it is a good idea. People could browse all of the mobile games that people decide to post on there. However, as a person who is biased against mobile games, you won’t see me put any of my games on there, because all of my games are made for desktop only.

A desktop version of the Flowlab Arcade would be nice, but wouldn’t we just use the website or app exports instead?

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True, but I’m just saying, look at Scirra Arcade for example, has all of the Construct 3 games that you can publish on there if you want, and you can filter what you play.

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I’d definitely use the social media sharing, and a mobile arcade would encourage more people to develop for that platform - which I think many people could make some great games on there. 100% for both of those options!



Social Media Sharing - 100% Yes.

Mobile App - 100% Yes.


With the mobile app feature, that would motivate me to finish Ball Bounce Simulator and maybe get it published on there, lol.

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You’re right about the social media thing, but I think the point of this is to make it easier to share. Which for bigger games could be pretty useful if you’re looking to get public traction with social media. But it is a bit niche. Perhaps only for Indie users, since it isn’t in much demand?

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Maybe with the Flowlab Arcade you could have keyboard controls compatible with Chromebooks and other Android computers, since Chromebooks use Google Play and some mobile games (like Sonic 2) support keyboard controls.

both idea great! I would instagram share :slight_smile:

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@rcreger is correct . I should have been more explicit, but the point is - I’m trying to find ways to make it more straightforward for you guys to distribute and find more players for your games.

It’s true that you can share your games now, but the idea is to try to improve that process.