How do you get your game on the main page?

could ya help me please or @grazer could help

it has to be from a flowjam or be really popular

The front page at this point is mostly Flowjam winners and featured games, like @theglitch055 said.

If you have a game you would like to be featured, just make sure it’s:

  1. Complete (beginning, middle, and end)
  2. Playable and relatively bug free
  3. Polished (appropriate sounds, animations, etc)

Then let me know or post it here. There are some really great games that I haven’t yet added to the featured list, so be patient as well :slight_smile:

ok! (maybe i should start working on my game idea Alone now)

8-bit im having the same issue so i am taking a break from flowlab currently im just checking the forums so im sorry

hey @8-bit_Studio you should use my music for your game!

nah Alone is a puzzle/horror game besides i dont know
your music theme

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i have any music theme you want just go to my discussion

ok link pls (020202020202)