How Do You Import An Animation

When You Download A Sprite You Created From With An Animation It Gives You A Sprite Sheet. When I Upload It It Just Makes The Sprite Sheet Is There Anyway To Import A Sprite Sheet Into An Animation That Gives You The Animation

Would You Know @grazer

Never Mind I Found A Easy Way To Cut Them Easily If Anyone Else Has The Same Problem Just Go Here
Fast And Easy

You could either upload every frame or also move the sprite sheet in every frame

Yeah But They Are Just One Sprite Sheet So I Used The Website To Slit Them Up It Helped Me A lot

Baron mostly made sheets so I have a few methods myself,
These is what I did in the Flowjam @GrimProdutionZ:

Animate using sprite sheets:

Animating large objects:

Ok I’ll Watch Looks Interesting

Ok Thanks Thats Actually Really Smart