How do you limit how many bullets you can shoot?

I was wondering how you can limit the amount of bullets you can shoot. Can anybody help??
Here is my game:

if using timer the repeat thing on the timer

Do you mean limit the total number, as in ammunition? Or limit how quickly you can shoot?

Total Number

I did this for one of my games so when ever it emits have it go into a number’s IN that has -1 and make that go into the + of another number then have a filter = to less than 1 and have the pass turn off the switch and have the fail turn it on have you space go through the IN and then you are good. HERE IS A PIC OF YOUR GAME!
Screenshot 2015-03-16 at 9.14.23 PM


No Problem. Also cool game :smiley:

i tried this out in my VS 2 game, you pick up a box and get a set of 8 hammers to kill the enemies with

I like your layout of the game!