how do you make a boss that is 3 blocks tall and can move and shoot projectiless at you

so i made my game but i have one thing left the boss and he is more than one block high and i don’t now how to make him walk

The Animation function works for that. Question: Did you separate the boss into multiple blocks or did you use an image that happens to be multiple blocks tall?

i made the boss with multiple blocks and combined them together


In older games if you separated it like that parts of it would be stationary with animations that moved it around like in Contra.

You’re actually much better making the whole image into one single thing in your graphic program of choice (even Paint works for it) and importing the image to animate the whole thing. Only a few minutes of work for a singular animating object versus hours of work making a complex messaging animation system between blocks.

If you decide to do it anyway Use the Message function and the Mailbox trigger to make the blocks talk to each other and say how they should engage. You will need to do it for animations and even for collision with health if that’s a thing in your game.

I hope this is helpful.