How do you make a character follow the mouse

Yeah, I cant find a proper way in doing this. I need my character to go towards the mouse when mouse is down then stop when mouse up. Providing a link to the game would not be helpful, since all there is, is a block. But if u still need it, I will send link. :

Oh and character must be able to move in any direction too

This image should help.Screen Shot 2020-03-01 at 2.30.20 PM
For the MouseClick, you have to select the capture clicks anywhere for it to work.

@ManiacPumpkin Alrighty then, thank u!

@ManiacPumpkin Also do you know how to do, if sprite touches mouse then it stops

If you are talking about the curser, then I don’t think it can. Unless you somehow create your own curser or sprite that follows the curser, then you can make it so when it collides with another sprite, it can trigger off. I’m not exactly sure how to do that so you might need to ask some one else.

Oh I Do You Have To Have The Mouse Click Behavior Output The Over Output Into A Number Thats Zero Connected To Your Velocity Or Motor Turing It To Zero.

Then Out Put The Out Output On The Mouse Click Behavior Sending It To A Larger Number Like 6 Which It Will Make It Move

Wait If You Click Some Were To Move Then Why You Need It To Stop When Hits Mouse?

When you touches the mouse, you want the mouse the be an object?
If so, you could make a non solid object that fallows the mouse in the game layer.
This way you can set a collision on the mouse:

If you move the camera anywhere, use this bundle and message this object from the camera out: