How Do You Make A Downloadable Game

I can’t find the “Build For Desktop” button anymore.

Hey Sorenof, I have deprecated the old build system and replaced it with a new one. I just gave you access to it - you should see a “Build for Mobile” button in its place. Right now it only works for Android, but iOS is close behind. I intend to add native Desktop builds as well (so they will no longer require Adobe AIR).

Sorry if this is a pain - I can possibly turn the old system back on for your account if you really need it.

When will iOS building be ready? I need my game exported for iOS mobile by Friday for a presentation.

can you have both systems,android and computer?

@HarperGray, the new iOS build probably won’t be out by Friday I would imagine, but in order to port flowlab games to iOS, you’ll need a developer’s license, which generally costs about $100

@Sorenof, What exactly do you mean?

I am pretty sure that you can since computer and andriod are essentially the same thing. If you mean like between android and iOS then yes. they are. or between windows and mac then yes as well. Flowlab is suppose to be made to run on multiple systems based what my teacher told me.

@ZenNinja I mean can you have the old system,along with the new system?

on the 22nd. I might open up my own google play company, most likely going to be called “Jnation Games” I even started making this kind of stuff

I find this funny but mine is Znation @jngthree if u look at my profile pic its a pic of the Znation logo

CRAP! Forgot that name was taken

I’ve alreandy gotten ready to put some stuff on Google play

It was going to be called “JNation games”

Let’s see what I can come up with…