How do you make a flashlight?

in the horror game im making for a contest, i want to make a flashlight that the player can use to see in a dark room.

Topscroller or platformer?

I know I remember back when the mending was still being made you guy’s did something similar, but I don’t know if that’s what he wants.

I typically have the player emit a ray of objects and if anything touches those objects then they play a light animation. If you want a lantern effect, then have it attach an object and if any objects are near it, they play the light animation.

I made the flashlight for The Mending.

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@Mhx_Aîr made a flashlight example a while ago. I hope that is what you want. It also includes a fog example, in case your horror game takes place in the humid outdoors.

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If you use my example, you can even scale the size bigger or smaller based on flashlight battery life, and make it flicker, by toggling the animation on and off

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