How do you make a run button with stamina?

Im making Tiny Nighttimes Book 2 and i need a run button with stamina. can anyone help?

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On mobile, so can’t easily post a link.

Look up “Night Springs” on the games page, you’ll find a trailer. Go into the levels, and find the test level. The player has a timed Sprint.

Could you give me a picture of it cuz its confusing to specifically find what i need

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Here, I can post the link now:

Play Project Breaker Teaser

I’m afraid I can’t do screenshots on my laptop (I’ve tried, never works. It’s probably too old lol). But it’s in the second level room called “Test Level”, and go to the object in the library, “Player”. In the behaviors, click the bundle labeled “Night Springs”, which has all of the running, jumping, fluid jump animation, and sprint behaviors.

Because I can’t show I picture, I can describe that all of the sprint behaviors is with the E and Q key behaviors, the arrow key behaviors, and the behaviors below the E and Q key behaviors. You don’t have to include the stamina bar. I’m afraid that that’s all I can really do other than describe.

If anyone else can screenshot the area he needs, I’d very much appreciate it:)

i can help with that but i might need some time to set it up…thats saying if you didnt already figute it out

Run button > (A)AND gate > Normal forward button > (B)AND gate(the same one from earlier) > (in)switch (in)number > (in)filter(lower than 1)(pass) > (off)switch(the same one from earlier) and (start)timer(20) > (on)switch(the same one from earlier). Probably won’t work, I didn’t test it.

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ab_games that not what i meant there is code to importing things