how do you make a signal in a pattern you make

i have no idea how to make a signal go like beep and then like 2 seconds later beep

Can you be more detailed please

sorry i was making a randomizer and i was wanting the randomizer to be activated every 2 seconds

I don’t really get it, but you first said “in a pattern you make”, and now you’re saying it’s completely random? You just made it more confusing for us to understand you.

Could you explain what you’re trying to do in your game? What do you mean with signal? What do you mean with “beep”? We don’t understand such things.


I actually have more question marks than you have since you’re the one who asked a question and you don’t even understand what you’re saying.

ohh im trying to make my boss fight where he either chops with his axe or he jumps

and one of the two activates every two seconds




(: it worked

by the way you make some pretty cool games yourself