How do you make a title screen?

Help I need to make a title screen but can’t!

It’s simple, really. Make a texture or multiple that cover the entire screen, or insert an image that exact size. Now you probably want to have a play button, say on the bottom right. In the play button’s behaviors, add this:
Mouse click (down) - Next level
you can a sound or animation, but that’s pretty much it

When I do this, it works, but when i play the game it automatically goes to the next level. How do I fix this? Game link:

what do you mean by texture?


alright u can make this ten times easier by just making a new level then having a play button which when u click it will take u to the actual game

That’s kind of what im doing right now, but for the music at the title screen, for some reason instead of my title screen music it is playing level 1 music!! And for some reason it is playing 10 times louder! \(~o~)/

Make sure it’s just one obj instead of 10. And in the sound menu there’s a volume slider

you want some help for making a title screen? well, you have come to the right place.
here is what you will need to do:

first off, make a level with your game’s logo, and instructions to start your game

then, program it to take the player the actual game when you press a certain key with this code

that should cause the title screen to take you to the actual game when you press that key

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