How do you make enemies move?

I’m trying to make the balls in my game move around a lot but I don’t know where to start at. I’m doing a game in where your this kid trying not to get hit by the balls.

Simple get an always, number and velocity and put them in order. Then connect them

I mean how do you get the balls to hit the wall and then bounce off it without being force to stay at one side.

Here the link to it:

I just took a look and they seem to be moving back and forth OK. Did you figure it out, or am I misunderstanding?

does anyone know how to make them move back and forth

I do…

can you tell me

and do you know how to make a character lose health

Refer to one of my old posts… But back and forth is easy… If a character hits a wall. Just have the movement set to forward and use the collision–>flip command (make sure it’s on toggle) do you understand? I’ll check back if you type @jngthree. In your next post

Try to experiment and you’ll get it…

ok thanks