How do you make player trails?

Whenever I try to make trails behind the player when they jump, it emits a few pixels away from the player. How do I fix this?

please post a link when asking for help…

Using emit will do that, try spawning the trail instead…
If your spawning and it’s doing this, try using an extractor and an expression to have a more specific location of spawn on the player. Sorry about that

@“JR 01” Could you give an example, please?

Don’t emit. Emit is for shooting stuff. If you want trails like I did in Celeste, if you played it, or space shooter games, use spawn.

Use Extractors for this X and this Y, connect those to a Spawn. That will make them spawn exactly on top of you.

@“Mhx Ar” When I tried it, it spawned in the corner of the screen. What did I do wrong? (Link to the game is a few posts up)

I see now, your set up is correct but nothing is going IN on the number you set.
Make the Extractor go to Set and In and it will work.

your new problem is that the spawn objects now stay in the world and you can fix this in the trail object.
Possibly make a timer, to a fade, to delete or something.

Yeah, I can easily fix that. I know how to do that.