how do you make the coin counter reset to 0 when it reaches 99?

i need some help :frowning:

Have a filter that says if the coins are > 99 then have the output connected to a 0 number block connecting back to the original coin counter.

which output should i use if for the filter that says if the coins are > 99

If coins are at < 99, then the output labelled as β€œfail” will activate with the same strength as the value given to it, if the filter tracks numbers > 99.

thanks for the help i will try to do it, if it doesnt work for me, give me a screen shot so i know to what to do:

it doesnt work, could you give me a screenshot of what blocks i need to put in

Nice return as ever @Mariofan2840,

You need to get β€œIn” the filter block and β€œset” to reset the number block

it works, but it resets back to 1, not 0

Oh yeah, the label doesnt reset.
Make both number blocks go to the label.